Over the past few years the Rally Committee has selected the rally theme based on the readings from the corresponding Daily Reflections for the rally weekend. This year we looked at the readings and didn’t feel excited by what we saw.  This was going to be a grand celebration. The Committee decided that we would develop our own theme, something that would be fitting of our 50th Anniversary Rally.

We did some brainstorming and came up with 50 Years, One Day at a Time; 50 Years with the Big Book; 50 Years of Fellowship and Unity.  Then in a moment of clarity one of our members suggested 50 years of Experience, Strength and Hope.  The room fell silent for a few seconds and slowly you could hear murmurs of agreement and nods of enthusiasm around the table.  We took a vote and the decision was unanimous for 50 Years of Experience, Strength and Hope.

We chose Experience, Strength and Hope because it reflects one of the basic premises of our Alcoholics Anonymous program.  We share our experience (what happened) strength (how and what we changed and how we had help and support) and hope (if we change our actions we can get different results). In other words “What it was like, what happened and what it’s like now”.